What you need to know about Facebook Advertising & Facebook Business Pages

06.07.2018 Posted by Gracie

Facebook advertising & Facebook Business Pages have changed…

Facebook has recognised there has been an increase of bad and/or misleading adverts out there and are taking steps to reduce the amount, by making it clear to the user where exactly the advert has come from and who’s paid for it.

From now you can go onto any Facebook page and see ANY ads which that page is running even if you do not meet the targeting requirements.

Previously we would see adverts that were targeted to us but not posted on the page and we wouldn’t be aware if the same company was running different ads and promotions in different areas. This will create more transparency and the user will have access to EVERY advert that the page is running. Facebook are encouraging users to report anything they find inappropriate or misleading, as they believe the advertiser should be held accountable & responsible for the content of their ads. Currently you can only see ads that are running at that time, but the plan is to build up a catalogue of previous promotions as well.

In addition to this, Facebook has also added the date the page was published and any other names it has previously been known as to every business page. This is Facebook taking another step towards creating a more transparent platform for its users; with even more information set to be made clear on every business page.

Genuine advertisers have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if you do see something you deem misleading, report it – it takes two seconds and will help to make Facebook a safer place to shop.